Auditor EU prepares tax returns for individuals, SRO, Branch Offices, AS corporations and Non Profit Organizations. We have extensive experience with the taxation of closely-held companies and their owners. Our tax pros advise on how to coordinate your corporate tax returns with your personal returns to get the maximum benefit, let you know when it’s time to change strategy, and keep an eye out for future planning opportunities.

We assist you with those key business and personal planning issues that have significant tax ramifications. We’ll help you save for a child’s college education, provide projections for any unusual financial transactions you may have had, and suggest ways to reduce your tax bill.

We can help with estate tax planning by projecting your tax liability under different scenarios and explaining various estate-planning tools.

If you’re buying or selling a business, we’ll help you structure the deal to take full advantage of the tax laws. And we keep you up-to-date on current techniques for preserving your business and assets, like the family limited partnership and the buy-sell agreement.

The financial office is increasing its number of audits, and if you should find yourself the subject of one, we’ll be there to help you present your case. We know what questions the financial office is asking and how to recognize a fishing expedition or a potential landmine. If there is an area where you are vulnerable, we’ll help you present your position in the best possible light.

Because we’re a local here in Prague, we offer a level of personal service not found at the larger accounting firms.
And like all of our staff, our tax staff takes a proactive approach to your finances. As we’re preparing your taxes, if we see tax saving or money saving opportunities, or if we notice that you could benefit from a planning technique or a change in strategy, we’ll be sure to bring that up with you—at the principal level, of course.